[tutorial] How simple unblock files in Windows XP | Cum se deblocheaza file in Windows XP

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[tutorial] How simple unblock files in Windows XP | Cum se deblocheaza in Windows XP

A lot of files provided from Internet are blocked, because earlier Windows are suck and block al files automaticly.

How to see this? In the Properties of every files, is are blocked, in WINXP you will see a button to unblock that file.
What happened if you have a hoge archive with files, blocked?

Simptom: In Windows XP, the simptom of every files, is not to run, and in especialy .exe files until you block them.

Solution for this in Windows Vista or earlier, are simple with install PowerShell 3 and run line in cmd:

dir c:\mydir -Recurse | Unblock-File

PowerShell 3 are not available no more for Windows XP

But the simple solution is like this one:

I’s quite simple, NTFS attached a data stream (that IDs “unsafe files”) to the file when it is just downloaded from the Internet.

Do recursively remove this stream for all files, follow these steps :

1. Download the Streams CLI executable from Microsoft. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897440.aspx
2.Put the streams.exe executable in your Windows directory (or anywhere that the system can find it)
3.Run this line in the command line (run–>cmd):

streams -s -d directory

directory here, you must to change with your folder/file/archive for ex:

streams -s -d c:/windows for entire folder.

Simple, no?

It will then remove all of the data streams from all files recursively in the directory – you have now successfully unblocked all files.

Then is only to wait to finish the job, depends of the directory/archive you have.

That’s it! Enjoy!


Other methode are:

A very easy workaround for this kinda ties into the first answer, say if you have around 1000 files that are all blocked just take all the files, and put them in a new folder on your desktop (or whatever folder directory you’re working in them right click said folder and then click Send To and then out of the options Click Compressed (zipped) Folder, then after that delete your original files and extract the .ZIP folder and Viola!!! all your files are unblocked :D, worked for me on XP Pro SP3, so kinda assuming it will work on Vista as well.

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